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Chrome Bug as of 21 April 2015

We've recently discovered that the latest update of Chrome (42.0.2311.90) introduced a bug that impacts PDF viewing in your browser. If you run into trouble with this, we have a few suggestions for you.

  1. Go to chrome://plugins/, find the “Chrome PDF Viewer” plugin, and click “Disable”. This disables the built-in PDF viewer. Depending on what operating system you have, and whether or not you have Adobe Reader installed, this will either allow PDFs to display properly within Chrome or will let you download them and open them in another program.
  2. If you have Firefox or Safari installed on your computer, you can use either of those browsers to access RW and PDFs will display correctly.
  3. Alternatively, you can click the button to generate the PDF in Chrome, then copy the PDF URL from the address bar (e.g., http://pdfreports.rwelephant.com/pdf_c96…..c3a0….7c0ac….1cf4b4) and paste that in Firefox or Safari. The PDF will open in either of these browsers.