Updates & Announcements

3 New Invoice Styles

We've dropped three new Invoice styles to spark your creativity! Like one of the styles but want to brand it even further? Want to build your own Invoice from scratch? We've got options!

Our three new Invoice templates are sure to inspire you to get creative with your Rental Invoices. In addition to our existing styles (Modern, Clean & Formal) we’ve also introduced Traditional, Bold, & Minimalist. Choose which style best vibes with your brand. All new styles are now available in your RW Elephant Account to be used on real Orders.

Traditional Style

The Traditional Style offers a clean sophistication to your Invoices. With muted tones and a hand-lettered font, this style is perfect for the rental biz that loves a classic look.

Your Clients are already wowed by how elegant and refined your style is in your rental collection. Why not show that off in your Invoices as well?

Bold Style

Looking for a bolder approach to your Invoices? If pops of color, outside-the-box thinking, and risk-taking are part of your brand identity, give the Bold Style a shot!

The Bold Style breaks the mold of our standard templates and mixes line item listing details with Item Images as well as a full-color cover page.

Minimalist Style

The Minimalist Style is inspired by clean lines, straightforward layouts, modern elements, and lots of white space with intentional color accents.

With photos center stage, the Minimalist Style starts with Item Images and leads into the detailed line item and pricing info.

Selecting a New Style

To try on any of these new Template Styles, head to your RW Account and select the Account icon in the upper right corner of your browser window.

Select “Invoice Settings” from the column on the left.

Click the green “Edit” button.

From the Style drop-down, select one of the new styles.

Click the green “Save” button.

Head to Orders and create a new Order or refresh an existing Order by clicking the green Edit & Save buttons.*

Generate the Invoice PDF to see the Template Style in action with your company logo, contact info, and event details.

Navigate back to Invoice Settings and follow the same steps to try on any other Styles.

*Keep in mind that any Orders you Edit & Save will reflect the Template Style that is selected in Account Settings at the time the Order was edited.

Modifications & Customizations

Like one of the new styles but want to incorporate your own brand colors?

Feel inspired by one of the styles but want to come up with your own design?

We got you!

To allow our Clients to flourish in their creativity, we offer the ability to Modify an existing template or start from scratch with a totally Custom PDF.


If you like one of our existing template styles (i.e. Bold, Traditional, Minimalist, Modern, etc.) but want to change something about it, we can modify it for you. Modifications can include changing colors to match your brand, swapping the ordering of certain sections, adding an About Me cover page, or other changes/alterations.


Custom PDFs start with a blank slate and will need the help of a designer. You and your designer would come up with a complete concept from start to finish. We’ve got some guidelines for them to follow but you’ll have lots of creative freedom to make your brand shine!

Additional fees vary to install either a Modified or a Custom PDF. If you’re interested in either a Modified or completely Custom PDF, shoot us an email at help@rwelephant.com and our team can share more information on pricing and guidelines.

Got ideas but not sure if it’s a Modified PDF or Custom PDF? Need designer recommendations? Email us at help@rwelephant.com and our team will help you find the right fit.