RW Elephant 201

Item Descriptions and Tags that Sell

Item Descriptions and Tags are displayed for each Item in your Online Gallery on the individual Item pages. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with your customers in these spaces.

Use the Description field to tell your customers a story about the piece, where it came from, or why you love it. Use words and tone that match your brand. Be friendly, irreverent, or hyperbolic; product descriptions are an important way to talk not only about a specific piece, but also to continue the narrative of your company in general.

Tags can also be a way to further the message of your brand. If you have a rustic, country style, be sure to use tags like “weathered,” “barn wood,” and “western.” If, however, you have an eclectic collection, you might want to use tags like “boho,” “funky,” or “patina” for your Items.

Consider other ways to connect your Items with Tags as well. For instance, if you want certain pieces to be grouped into a collection, use a Tag (for example, “Glam Collection”). You might even consider releasing several pieces from a particular collection at the same time. You can send customers a direct link to this Tag and they’ll be able to see all of the Items in that collection based on the Tag view.

Some of the most successful Tags that we’ve seen include “New” or “Featured” for Items you’ve just added to your collection or want to highlight. Using Tags for colors within your collection can also be very helpful. Your customers will love seeing all of your blue Items grouped together. Tags for time periods or styles like “Victorian,” “boho,” or “Gothic” are a great way to suggest additional pieces that work well together.

How ever you use Tags and Descriptions, we suggest you keep things consistent and remember that these can be powerful tools both for searching your rental Inventory and for increasing the value of your rental Orders.