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Saving Orders as PDFs

Because RW Elephant is an online based software it can be a really good idea to save your Orders to your computer as PDF files for easy access with or without internet access as well as being able to email them to coworkers or clients.

A PDF will also be viewable on phones and tablets.

Here’s how to save an Order PDF to your computer.

Go to the Order of the PDF you want to save.

Click on the button for the Delivery PDF, Pull Ticket PDF, or Invoice PDF.

The PDF should open in a new web browser tab or window depending on your settings.

Moving your cursor towards the bottom of the browser window should reveal a few options for the PDF. One of these options will be to download the PDF to your computer.

One place that clients like to upload their order PDFs to is an online storage service (ya know, the cloud). Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. This will make the files accessible from any computer without the need to log in to RW.

*To make sure you’re always looking at the latest version, be sure to click on the “Edit Order” button then “Save Order” before generating your fun-n-fancy PDFs.Otherwise you may encounter the following error message.


There was an error generating this PDF. Please edit then save the invoice, then regenerate this report. If you continue to receive this error message please contact”