Online Wishlist Creation

Your clients can create wishlist in your Online Inventory Gallery.

You probably know at this point how to create a Wishlist Order in your RW account. That’s super helpful for creating an initial order for your clients that you can then convert into a Proposal and send over to them.

Normally you create those Wishlists by showing a client around your inventory or taking a phone call or email to discuss what they are looking for.

By incorporating the Online Wishlist feature in the RW plugin for Wordpress websites your potential clients can create their own Wishlist and send it over to you.

In the Online Gallery section of your website a “Wishlist” button will appear next to each item. You clients can click this button adding that item to a list. When they are ready to finish they can enter the quantity of each item they are interested in.

*Please note that a wishlist does not check for an items quantity or availability. That will all be done on your end when you begin the process of converting the wishlist into a proposal.

Your client will then enter their contact information. You can add additional fields to this wishlist but all additional information will populate in the Notes field on the Wishlist Order.

The Wishlist will show up in your Orders section of your account. Any users in your account who are Admins or Editors will receive an email notifying them that a wishlist list has been sent.

You’ll want to fill out your “Wishlist Request” email template that lets your potential client know you’ve received their Wishlist request.

We find that a Wishlist’s best purpose is to give you a clients information so that you have a connection where you can work your magic in boosting sales and creating a unique relationship.