User Spotlight: Found Vintage Rentals

It is no secret that we’ve got pretty strong ties to Found Vintage Rentals. We’re so thankful for the ways Found has helped RW to grow and we’re thrilled to help Found develop and expand their business as well.

Since we just released our new R.W. Elephant WordPress Plugin, we wanted to share a little bit of Found’s latest with you.

Found Vintage Rentals recently released their gorgeous new website. The collection is displayed in style and we think they did a fabulous job!

While many of our customers use the default online public inventory gallery, we want you to see how your inventory gallery can be customized to fit your brand.

Check out some of the before and after images of the Found Vintage Rentals website.

The default public inventory gallery shows images of each of your inventory types. In Found’s new gallery, they used ombre gray circles with rollover images.

Found Inventory Gallery

The R.W. Elephant default inventory gallery displays thumbnails of items within each inventory type. Found’s new gallery uses larger thumbnails to show off their pieces.

Found Inventory Gallery Thumbnails

We hope the WordPress Plugin will help you customize your online rental inventory gallery. Even if you don’t have a WordPress site, however, you can use our public API to create the look you want.

Bravo to Found on such a beautiful site!

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