Now Hiring: Software Developer

We're growing! We're looking for a curious & motivated software developer to join our team.


  • Creative Problem-Solver | Our Developers think outside the box, test new hypotheses, and create innovative ideas until they find a solution to the problem at hand. They are resourceful and tenacious in their approach to challenges, software bugs, and life.
  • Curious  | Curiosity never killed one of our Developers — it fuels them! They were the kind of kids who wondered how power lines worked and then went to the library to find out. They explore the world around them, turn over rocks, and thrive on discovering new information.
  • Enterprising | At RW, Developers take initiative. They are efficient and are always looking for ways to systematize, automate, and streamline their work while infusing personality, fun, and warmth in their interactions with others. They personally take responsibility for kaizen throughout RW Elephant.
  • Motivated | Developers at RW Elephant aren’t content with the status quo. They strive for excellence in all that they do. They wake up thinking about optimization. They want the product to always get better and better so our clients’ businesses can become even more successful too.


  • Maintain a multi-tenant software-as-a-service application
  • Collaborate with our founders and Client Success Team to develop new features for our growing user base
  • Optimize and innovate existing systems to provide more value to our users
  • Track and report on user activity within the platform; suggest changes or nudges to help users become more successful


  • RW Elephant is written in Perl and Objective-J and makes extensive use of the Cappuccino framework.
  •  Our data is stored in MySQL.
  • We run on AWS.


  • Part-time and Full-time positions available
  • Flexible schedule
  • Work from our downtown Fullerton office (located in the beautiful FLDWRK coworking space) with possibility of some remote work in future.
  • Non-exempt employee position (not temporary or contract work) 
  • $30-40 per hour depending on experience 

BONUS SKILLS (not required)

  • Perl, Cappuccino, SQL, and/or Node.js experience a plus but not required
  • Interesting hobbies like instrument-rated private pilot, vacuum tube amp enthusiast, or mushroom foraging expert.


Give us an example of a personal or professional programming project you’ve worked on and include these details:

  1. describe the problem you were facing
  2. what you did to address it
  3. The results / how it was received

Be sure to let us know what parts are yours (if it was a collaboration).

Send this info along with your resume to

RW Elephant is mighty inventory software that’s friendly and easy-to-use. We help rental businesses around the world show off their great products, keep track of what’s going where when, and make running their event rental businesses a little more fun.

Software Developer Job
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