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Terms & Conditions Basics

As we’ve received Terms & Conditions from you, dear our beta users, we’ve noticed that many people have questions about how they can create a solid contract with their clients. In an effort to help our customers create successful businesses (not just a killer efficient inventory system), we sought some legal advice on your behalf. Read more

Can I Get Some Help?

We’re stoked to be jumping into the 21st century of customer service. Well, maybe it is even the 22nd. This is really cutting edge stuff. Yesterday, we launched our R.W. Elephant Help Site. This thing is great. Read more

RW Elephant Tutorial

Over here at RW, we’ve put together some videos to help you get to know the ins and outs of our inventory software for rental businesses. Read more

Birth Announcement Coming Soon!

The gestational period for an elephant is 22 months, the longest of any land animal. When you’re that huge, it takes some time to develop. R.W. Elephant hasn’t been in the works for quite that long but we’re definitely itching for the due date to arrive. Read more