Online Gallery Options

Online Gallery Options for Non-Wordpress Websites

You’ve added you Inventory Items and populated your account with beautiful images of your collection. Now you want to show them off to the world.

If you’re using a Wordpress website, check out this article on RW’s Wordpress plugin for your Online Inventory Gallery. (which includes our Online Wishlist Creation Tool).

If your website is managed on another platform (Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc.), have no fear! We’ve got your back with some clever work-arounds.

Let’s begin with a question. Do you want or need customization (style, font, layout, etc.) and/or RW’s Online Wishlist Creation Tool?

If yes, jump down to “Online Gallery Customization Options.”

If you don’t want or need a customized Gallery or RW’s Online Wishlist Creation feature, you'll be super happy with your default Online Gallery (keep reading).

Default Online Inventory Gallery

Ok. This is fairly simple. Every Pachyderm and Herd Leader RW Elephant account comes with an Online Inventory Gallery. To find yours, simply go to:

(If you can't remember what you entered for “yourcompany” when you created your RW account, go to the “Account” icon in the upper right corner of your browser window. Then choose “Online Gallery Settings” from the left column. Then find your “RW Elephant Tenant ID.”)

Since you don't need any customization, you can simply create a link to this gallery from your own website.

Anytime you update your RW inventory, the changes will be reflected in this Online Gallery.

Within this Online Gallery, you can choose to hide particular Items <> or hide whole Categories. <>

Side note, if you have a Half-ton Plan and want to get on the Online Gallery bandwagon, you can upgrade your account at anytime.

Online Gallery Customization Options

If you want the customization possibilities and Online Wishlist Creation feature that come with our Wordpress plugin, here are your options:

1. Create a whole new website using Wordpress. You can either duplicate the look of your existing site and install our plugin to manage your Online Gallery, use one of the many many available Wordpress themes, or start from scratch with a brand new website. Whatever you choose, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions. We can answer specific questions about the plugin set up or refer you to some great pros who can handle the set-up (or part of it) for you no sweat!

2. If you want the benefits of the Wordpress plugin (customization of the look and the Online Wishlist Creation feature) but don't want to switch over your entire site, you can create a Wordpress website JUST for your Online Gallery. You'll basically keep your existing site but use an external link to connect to your Wordpress-based Online Gallery.

You can recreate the look and feel of your existing site within your new Wordpress supplemental site (such as headings, fonts, etc.) but the only pages that would live on this Wordpress site are your Inventory Gallery pages. Your customers won't even know they've left your original site.

With this supplemental Wordpress site, you will be able to use the RW Wordpress plugin to customize your Online Gallery and implement the Online Wishlist Creation feature.