Note Items

We will be releasing a Note Items feature in the future. Keep your eyes peeled on our Updates area to stay in-the-know.

In the meantime, here's a handy work-around.

Create a Conceptual Item. Add a Name like "Note." Be sure to include an early Acquisition Date (BEFORE any Orders you'd like to use it on) and a high Quantity (we suggest 1000). Leave the "Rental Price" field blank.

Add the new "Note" Item to Orders wherever you'd like. You can then use the Line Item Note to add any info you want to include at that place in the Order.

If you want to add Headings on your List of Line Items, you can also create common Headings this way by making Items named "Ceremony," "Reception," "Cocktails Area," etc.

Please shoot us an email at if you'd like to have a feature like this (without the quantity of 1 and price of 0) available for your Orders. Your feedback and Feature Requests heavily influence our development priorities.